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Hello, I'm always dreaming about using my Cub Cadet GT2554 for more and more things. When I dream and do a google search, this site ALWAYS comes up and I'll spend pleny of time reading. I registered so I can view some of the pics that seem to be hidden until I sign in. I'm not a strong forum user, so I have plenty of handicaps here.

My cub has an electric cat 1 3pt that I've built using 2 500# lift actuators, a reversing solenoid, 1/4" x8 plate, 1 1/4" square tubing and an axle shaft from a Silverado. It works pretty well, but has limits for total lift or arm sweep distance. It will handle a shortened 5' landscape rake with a front weight box and patience or a chisel plow or sinlge row disc. I borrow, build and buy the implements as needed. I have a buddy with a retired farmette.

I'm running AGs on the rear with 70ish# weights (aired). It is a mower first and everything else second. I've modified the direction controls to feel and work better. The reverse pedal never felt right and I was adjusting the linkage all of the time.

I'm currently kicking around having a loader. Lift height and lift weight are the usual concerns, but I want easy change with deck or not to have to remove the deck. I see it being harder and harder to remove the deck as I age. The decision is still to build one and add hydaulics to this one, to upgrade to a tractor that pretends to be mower (or a mower pretending to be a tractor, but bigger than I have), or to just get a tractor for the hard work and leave the Cub as a mower.

I have 7 acres, but only 1 to 1.5 is cleared. I cleared the majority over the last 1.5 years and the dirt and clean up work still need to be refined. Most of the work was done with a Case 580 4x4 backhoe......I wish I could have kept that! I have a stream to clean up, the edges of the new clearing to make prettier. The newly cleared area to make more level, like a soccer field. It already has grass, but needs love to be better.

I'm not afraid to build things. I learned to MIG by watching others and youtube, but still have my strength worries and need constant practice. I was a paid wrench for years and don't get scared by elctrical or hydraulics. I have limits on hydro designs though. I sit at a desk now and exercise my keyboard and phone. Which saves the body for the long hall, and I don't smell so bad when I get home.:thThumbsU.

So much for a short intro....

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