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Hey, Im an oddidty. One might consider me to be a hobby enthusiast, but I find it more accurate to state as a obsessor. I can't get into anything "just a little".

Ive had an interest in garden tractors for a good minute, and have began my collection. It's not vast or extensive, but I do like what I have.

I have a couple rarities in my collection, and enjoy them all

1968 Wheel Horse 500 Special
198? John Deere 210
197? Ford Push mower (not propelled model)
194? EarthMaster Model R (I think)

I hope to learn much from the people on here, and look forward to sharing what knowledge I have.

Happy Tinkering!!!!
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:Welcome1: Levi18175! :howdy:

Welcome aboard MTF!! Sounds like some nice stuff ya got there!

Pictures?? We love 'em!! :wwp::trink40:
:MTF_wel2:Welcome from N.Illinois
:Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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