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Hello everyone,

Thank you all for letting me join the club. Here's how I found the forum. I'm in the process of leveling my yard to make a hockey rink for my two boys and realized that my lawn tractor was undersized and underpowered and couldn't use ground attachments. I have since done my research and will look into a used garden tractor. Thanks for all the helpful's great to have such a fantastic resource at our finger tips!

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I actually found a craftsman GT model 917.251511 but I'm not sure how old it is.
The owner says 10 yrs old but it looks older than that. It started up ok. It comes with a snow plow, dumpster, aerator, thatcher, wheel chains, weights and extra blades. He wants $500 for everything. I left a small deposit but am a bit concerned with the age of the tractor.

What's your take? I'm not very experience in this area so any advice is appreciated!
Thanks...will do. I'm hoping to find a garden tractor so I can hook up a box blade to grade the area for the rink. I've put up the rink for a few years now but the slope was too severe, dropping about 30 inches over 40 ft. this fall,I decided to level the yard and build a retaining wall and a french drain. I think I destroyed my lawn tractor in the process. Right now, I hand grading a few hours evry night when I get home from work....pretty laborious. Ahh, what we do for our kids....
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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