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Hello folks, Just joined the site because I needed info but had thought about jumping into a forum someplace before. Just had not taken action as it seems I am always pressed for time. I think I have 4 N series Fords, a 4000 selectomatic with loader , an 855, an old Farmall H with loader, and I believe an F12, an old 1937 Case, an Allis WD, an Allis HDG6 crawler with bucket and a IH 2444. The 2444 was what prompted my joining. I am at the top of Illinois in the middle and not a farmer, just a guy that likes old stuff, (bout 30-40 older cars and trucks. What little hair left is gray and white. My roommate of 43 years just doesn't understand why I need so much brown metal but then I don't understand why she needs 30 pair of shoes so I guess we just have to accept it. My body is 65, most of the time the mind is 18 but my knees think I am 85. Can't afford to retire yet but have dreams of it. Well I guess you folks probably think this old geezer likes to see what he typed, I suppose like talkin to hear oneself's own melodious voice. Nah, just thought I was supposed to do this.
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:MTF_wel2:Rusty metal guy, glad to have you with us:thThumbsU
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