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Newbie-Thought Id share my 770 Ochard

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Heres a video of my 1958 770 diesel Orchard. We were in the citrus business growing 120 acres of hamlin and Valencia oranges. My grandfather bought this tractor new from Hutchinson tractor and Equip. in Eustis FL. I started disking and spraying in my early teens and have logged many hours riding this old girl. Olivers were used by many of the grove managment outfits in central Florida and was only challanged by Case which was distributed locally by Pounds Motor Co. of Winter Garden FL. I can truthfully attest that Oliver tractors were easier to handle and not as tiring to opperate as were the DO and 430 Case grove tractors we had also. We sold the grove in the early 1990's after the freezes of the 80's took their toll. Notice the 550 in the video as well. It too was purchased in 1958. Also notice the bracket on the rear of the right fender as the 770 goes by. Can anyone guess what this bracket was used for?
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You stand 90 % of the time in the grove. The idea behind grove tractor design was to be low profile. You sat when going under low hanging limbs. Not all growers believed in hedging their trees and alot of the time in close set groves this ment ducking down below the cowl to avoid a limb....and yes you did lose site of the row momentarily. The bracket on the fender was where the control box for the Oliver Ironside sprayer was mounted. The sprayer was run by an 880 diesel engine.
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