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Newbie Rick in VA

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Hi everyone

I'm a newbie to tractors (oh dear!) and just bought a 1952 8N to bush-hog my 13 acres here in Evington, VA.

The 8N starts (eventually) and runs, but I did want to perform a compression check before changing oil, filters, plugs, points, rotor etc.

Did the check this morning and got reasonable readings on all cylinders, vis. #4, 80 psi; #3, 85 psi; #2, 90 psi; #1, 70 psi that climbed to 90 psi with addition of a little oil to cylinder, so worn rings/cylinders are indicated.

Overall, I believe these pressures are respectable for a 60 year old engine and I'm going to proceed with oil change, plugs, points and rotor etc as time permits.

I am reading all the info I can find to try and determine the correct methods for those procedures, but I feel sure I will be looking for help from all here.

Thanks for welcoming me, and hopefully I can get this tractor running as well as it used to..!

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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