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hello all

i'm learning as i go along here so be nice... :thanku:

can someone please give me a rundown of the more common transmission and transaxle setups used by wheel horse?

i understand there are models everybody refers to as hydros (i'm assuming hydrostatic) and there are manual transmissions (8 speeds and the like). the manual transmissions are selectable mechanical gear transmissions (i.e. not selecting belts), correct?

i noticed the manuals typically have a selectable axle ratio (low/high), do the hydros typically offer the same selectability? what are the more heavy duty hydro models? are any of them pedal controlled?

lastly, on garden tractor models, i've seen some really large GTs the D180 and D200 models. in terms of heavy duty GTs, what else is in that category of being a true heavy duty GT?

thanks again

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You are correct....not selecting belts... All done with gearing on manuals.
No such selection needed with hydro (infinite selection from stop to max speed)
I believe an "optional" pedal control was offered on later models. Most used a motion
control lever.
On other heavy duty GT's. The earliest was 953, then 1054 (both essencially identical), then
the GT14's, There was a D-160 missing from your list and also A D-250. The last one
I can think of is the C-195.
Someone else needs to answer the question of heavy duty hydro transmission.
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