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Newbie Questions About PTO, TPH and SH

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I just bought a 2008 6500 with the K 66Y tranny, c channel frame and 48" mowing deck. I bought it mostly because I needed a durable but affordable mower that was ready to work right now. I've been doing three acres by hand for a couple years and it just eats up too much of my time. I can't even keep up with it in the summer. I know a garden tractor is capable of much more than a lawn tractor but I'm still fuzzy on some of the particulars of how the hitches and pto work.

First off the pto... I was thinking that the garden tractor would have a rear pto but it seems that for the most part that isn't the case. As far as I have been able to figure out it looks like the thing under the frame that powers the cutting deck is the pto. Are there other tools besides the mower that can be powered from it? I'd especially be interested in a tiller or mini excavator.

When it comes to hitches it looks like the two main kinds are the sleeve and the three point. Is one of these better than the other to have on a garden tractor? How are they different?
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us. I can't add anything to D-Dogg's explanation.
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