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Newbie question

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Hello all.
I purchased a non-running snapper with a Wisconsin Robin four stroke 4 horse power engine. The person I got it from stated that his wife parents owned the lawn mower for a few years and become Ill and was no longer able to cut the grass on their own. The mower then sat for several years inside the garage. The mower is very clean and looks like it was hardly used. I just had some time the other day to take a really good look at it. From what I have seen so far, the engine turns over as if it makes compression, the oil is clean, and it makes spark. I put some fresh fuel in the tank to see if it would start. I did notice that the choke valve in the carburetor (sorry if that is not the correct term) would not move free and was difficult to move by hand. Also when I turned on the fuel valve fuel started leaking out of the bowl. Is there a rebuild kit for the carburetor or can I get a new one? If so where can I get one?
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Post up some pictures of it and any numbers you can find on the engine. You might get away with just taking off the carb and giving the insides a good cleaning. Change the oil also before you start it, as the oil might be diluted and old.
I'll post some pics today. What type of oil does these engines take?
Here are the photos of my engine. I hope this helps.

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Listen to HOGCAT. My experience with non running small engines is usually OLD fuel left in the gas tank. The Ethanol gas sold now a days has a somewhat short 6 month shelf life as well as the 10% alcohol being hard on the internals of a carb. Dried Ethanol leaves a white/offwhite powder behind. Some call it white rust. Most of the time one can get away with a good cleanup of the carb. I usually install a carb kit when I have a carb tore apart. But I have been known to just do a general cleanup just to see if the engine runs at all. To see if the engine fires up at all just spray the carb intake with carb cleaner or starting fluid. If the engine runs for a few seconds or does not run will tell you if the ignition is ok or not. Check the engine for decals/ tags etc. that might indicate which weight oil to use. Most generally a 30wt oil is preferred in hot weather. Check the Wisconsin Robin webpage to see if they have an online manual for your engine. Generally the manual can be down loaded if it is in Pdf. form.


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Thanks everyone for the help. I'll give all that a try and keep my progress updated.
What is the web address for the Wisconsin Robin webpage?
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