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Newbie- looking for advice.

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I have been looking for an older quality lawnmower instead of the cheap ones from the big box stores. I have found a JD 445 that seems to be in decent shape with less than 1500 hours for what seems to be a great price. I spoke with the current owner and he says that the motor runs strong, transmission has no issues but the deck will not raise. It has a 60" deck that is raised using hydraulics. Is this a normal problem with these tractors? Easy fix or really expensive? I am planning to go look at it tomorrow and would like to know more from the experts before making any decision...Thanks in advance!
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:MTF_wel: TexasOutlaw. We will probably need more info to figure out what is wrong. Maybe it is something simple like a piece of the deck lift hardware is missing or misadjusted. When you look at the tractor be sure to drive it and see if it drives ok and try to lift the deck and see if you can hear it trying to lift. :goodl:
While taking a test drive see if the power steering is working properly. Changes are if the deck lift and the power steering are not working there is a problem with the charge pump on the transaxle. Charge pump would be worse case, hopefully its some type of a mechanical linkage or the lift cylinder. 1500 hours is getting to quite a few hours on a the engine, look for smoke while running, engage the deck PTO and see how the engine reacts.
Thanks for the info. I just spoke with the seller and I won't be able to go see it until Monday.
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