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newbie from N.Y.

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MY Name is Jeff and I have a JD 2305.
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:Welcome1: Fellow NYer, glad to have you on the green side.
Welcome to the forum! :Welcome1:
Welcome Jeff!!

Lots to learn here.
Jeff welcome to MTF! What attachments do you have with the 2305?
MY Name is Jeff and I have a JD 2305.
Wow, what an introduction! Love it!! Already we know a lot about you. "Hey, my name is Mac, and I have a 2210". "Hey, my name is _______ and I have a _____" Great:trink39:
Hi Jeff. I also have a 2305. Great tractor.
Nice to have you on board Jeff. I have a 2305 as well. Let us know what implements you have as well and what you use the tractor for.

I liked your introduction by the way. Succinct and to the point.

Take care,


Welcome, where abouts do you live in NY. I am in the Rochester area.

Hey guys, I did not realize my post was going to be moved from the mandatory 1st post on introduction section to here...

I have 2 acres on Long Island, I just upgraded from a 425 with 40 loader + 54" deck
to a 2008 2305 with 50 hours, FEL, 54" deck, independent lift, diverter valve, ballast box, folding ROPS. I will be cutting, clearing, moving, playing and i am looking forward to using the 4WD come snow season.

Looks like tons of info here. I have questions, but will start with the "search" function.

Sounds good Jeff, looking forward to some pics.
Congrats Jeff! You're 2305 is setup nearly identical to mine... I like having the independent lift and diverter valve. I priced out the folding ROPS a couple days ago and will likely order a FEMCO ROPS within the next few weeks.

Welcome to MTF and glad you found us!
Welcome Jeff.
You're going to love the 2305. You can do a lot with
it. Sounds like you have a lot of implements already.
I currently have a 2305 with FEL, BB, MMM, 47 snowblower,
5' rear blade and just added a 2520 with front blade.

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