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Newbie from Cairo GA

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Just bought a farm near Cairo, southernmost Georgia. I negotiated the JD 4310 into the deal, and am anxious to do my own maintenance on this cool machine. I think it's got about 200 hrs on it, in good shape.

On my 2nd day playing with the tractor, I backed out of the barn and the battery light promptly lit up, the tach stopped working. Crap! Lifted the hood to find the fan belt off. Turns out a rat the size of a squirrel had begun nesting under the hood, gotten caught up in the fan belt and caused it to come off. Figured out how to get it back on, but guessed at the tension, seems OK now but will be sure to get the rat poison placed strategically around the tractor from now on! Rough start, hope that's not the shape of things to come.

This looks like a fantastic forum for those of us who want to do our own maintenance... looking forward to chatting on the friendly forum.
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:MTF_wel2: Glad you joined!
:wwp: If you need easy Picture help
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