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Newb to this forum

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Okay here it is Hi my name is Tim father of 4,full time machinist and husband.
My hobby is lawn tractor repair and collecting(very new hobby) in a short time i have managed to collect an st10,18/6,65 suburban 10,a 10xl and several 6hp older small ones model # 131-something.i started out fixing this guys rider for him and trading my labor for this dusty old tractor in the corner of his moms dirt floor shed.when he asked what he owed me i said that tractor there he chuckled and said "you sure that hasnt moved in 5 yrs" i again said yes that home it came i jumped it with my truck and got my first st10 vintage tractor ride(on the 5 yr old gas in the tank). there you have it" A tractor addict is born".i have started stripping and painting the 10xl mentioned earlier as practice for the st10 and suburban10 as i like those best and want to be ready when those get restored.So with that i will be asking for best place for info here and there, i have already surfed the forums a good part of the day and found some good stuff here.Thanx for having me many pics to follow as things progress.
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Welcome to the forum you should fit in just fine here. Enjoy all of the forums
:MTF_wel: Tim .. Glad you found us .. Your avatar photo is great :thanku: It could be one for many of the members here .. I prefer a trailer to haul my treasures however :ROF
LOL trailer is in the works so i used my old faithful free dodge p/u i actually drove almost an hr with that load as it was and all for $150.I thought it fitting until i get my first one revived enough for respectable avatar pic.
Welcome to MTF Tim .... I am a machine shop supervisor / programmer. Have fun restoring and take before, during, and after pics. Are the kids old enough to help? Brian
Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us.
:MTF_wel: Tim !, nice to have you aboard and :thanku: for the intro. :).

Glad you found us on the net. :MTF_wel2: We are glad to have you. There are many friendly and knowledgeable folks here at MTF, so enjoy all the different forums. Click on ”Active Topics” near the top left of the page for all the latest activity. You can also register with other members from your state by clicking here:
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Glad to have you join us.....:MTF_wel2:

Looks like you have a very good start on the collection, Im sure being a machinist will make restores much easier.
:MTF_wel2: and remember :wwp:

You are addicted to a fine hobby
Welcome to the forum, bullashe! :Welcome1: Glad to have you here!
thanx for the warm welcomes kinda makes me tear up i think ill go hug my tractor.
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