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I guess this is me meeting the obligation of making a first post in the Introductions area.

Just got a Snapper series 14 (280914BE) for $200 from a buddy. It's seen better days, but the engine has been well cared for and turns over nearly instantly. Paint is in good condition, but has some normal scrapes with so many years of service. It's missing some trim parts here and there, but nothing that will keep it from operating safely.

The first thing I've done is buy a bunch of maintenance parts like a fresh blade with air lift kit, a belt, some air and fuel filters, and a new grass catcher bag (can you belive I actually found one online?!) An oil change the first order of business while I wait for the parts to arrive. I have yet to evaluate the clutch properly, but it seems to work okay when moving it from the garage to the shed.

Until I got the Snapper, I've only ever used walk-behind mowers - I've only ever lived in suburban areas with relatively small lawns. My current back yard, however, is on the large size for a suburban home and has 5 mature trees. The front has 3 more trees. Mowing in the spring and summer isn't too bad with the walk-behind, but fall is a huge chore with all the leaves.

The friend that I bought the mower from brought it over last year to help me out with the fall yardwork and tried to sell it to me then for about $500. I was immediately convinced I needed a riding mower for the fall cleanup time, but not sure if I wanted such an old model. After I looked around a bunch at other options and talked price with him, I finally got my buddy to drop to the $200 figure I mentioned earlier and bought it.

I'm an IT professional by day, but I enjoy working in the garage in my off time. This website mixes my interests pretty well and will likely remain bookmarked. It looks like a pretty active community, too.

Now to take this over to the Snapper area to get a couple of questions answered that the rest of the internet couldn't...


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We are glad to have you join us. There are lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here at MTF, so enjoy all the different forums.
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