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New Yahama snow blowers.

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Propelled by a MZ360E, 4-stroke, OHV Yamaha engine, this bad boy clears a path 32 inches wide, moves up to 76 tons of snow per hour and can launch it up to an amazing 60 feet away. The heavy duty steel serrated auger and the powerful two-stage blower makes quick work of snow fall.


Clearing Width 83.0cm (32.7 in))
Housing Height 136.0cm (53.5 in)
Blowing Capacity 76 tons/hr (62 ft)
Maximum Blowing Distance 19m (62 ft)


Axle Rubber track
Transmission Hydrostatic
Speeds Dual range, Infinitely variable
Ground Speed (km/h) Forward: 0 ~ 3.49
Reverse: 0 ~ 1.8


Type Dual stage with "Shock Protector"
Diameter 400mm (15.7in)
Drive Belt
Height Adjustment Gas assist


Rotation Electric
Deflection Manual, two-step (remote lever)
Turning Radius 220º
Chute Material Steel with inside plastic liner


Model MZ360E
Type 4-stroke, OHV, single cylinder
Displacement 357cc
Maximum Horsepower 12 hp
Starting System Electric 12VDC battery type (std)
Ignition T.C.I.
Recommended Fuel Regular unleaded gasoline (PON 87)
Recommended Engine Oil Yamalube 5W30


Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 6.7 litres
Engine Oil Capacity 1.1 litres


Wet Weight 246kg (542 lb)
L x W x H mm (in) 170.7 x 83.0 x 136.0cm
(67.2 x 32.7 x 53.5 in)


Private Use† 2-year, limited.
Commercial Use† 1-year, limited.

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Looks pretty mean Al. Are you thinking about it?
Some thing like that but maybe a 7 foot George White for the back of my 5000 Ford would save me money.
Is a pretty big beast for a walk behind though.
Are they available to the US I know there in Canada. Last year I mentioned those in the Honda section one model I believe is about $7,000 ?
I don't know but am only two hours from Hull Gully in London one of Ont. biggest dealers. One place on the net says free shipping to your home if you buy from them.
As said, Sure looks like a beast! Sure hope it has release for turning. The Honda I had did not and was a bit heavy to turn. :hide:

This is a big walk behind, thought I would share. Went to a party last year and they had a V8 engine Margarita Maker, blender.:sidelaugh

big walk behind snow blower - Bing video
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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