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New x324 Owner, Questions about Manual

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I just picked up an '08 x324 with 22 hours on it. Love the tractor, but I did not receive a manual with it, and had some questions. Some I've been able to search out on the forums, but there were a few I wasn't able to find. These forums are a great resource though, I've already learned some things I wouldn't have even thought to check in to.

1) I've Googled all over, and haven't been able to find a PDF manual. Does anyone have a link to one?

That would probably answer all my questions, but it lieu of that, a few others...

2) What type of oil is recommended, and what's the quantity with filter replacement?

3) What is the recommended tire pressure?

4) Can anyone give me a link to the deck leveling procedure?
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:wwp: congrats on the new rig!
Thanks Jim! I had been somewhere similar earlier, but none of the part numbers had links to the manuals. The link you gave me must have taken me in a different way, because I was able to pull up the manual. For anyone else who might be looking for it, I took what was there and made a PDF out of it, so I would always have a copy of it handy. I was going to attach it to this post, but it's 2MB, and over the size limit it looks like, so if you're interested, just drop me a PM, and I'll try and get it emailed to you.

And then... here are a couple of pics. First the LT155 that served me well, but ultimately lost out to that undeniable male urge to buy bigger toys.

And the new x324, which will also serve me well I'm sure, until I decide I need something with hydraulics... :fing02:

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Those are two fine looking machines Grizzly, but you gonna have to invest in leaf blower to get that grass off the deck of the X324, thats just unsightly :biglaugh:.

:thanku: for the pics !
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