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New Winter vehicle.

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Just picked up this 2001 Subaru Forester. It has the basic 2.5L EJ251 that was so common in the '00-'04 cars ( and was in producion in 1998 ).. I took a leap of a chance on it but got it cheap enough that if anything was majorly wrong I could afford to fix or part it and recover money.. But it looks like the chance paid off.. It had a violent shimmy which turned out to be wheel balance and it needs a rear wheel bearing..

It has 219k miles so it's got about 100k more in it with the engine/ trans it has and it's a 5spd, so it's pretty fun to drive with the Forester's 4.44 ratio

I paid, approx $400 more for this than a set of snow tires for my Fusion. It does need tires, but there $60 each and not over $200 each


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The only major problem with those is that their head gaskets like to leak. It normally starts as an external leak, and worsens from there.

They are really easy to work on though.
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