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New Winter vehicle.

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Just picked up this 2001 Subaru Forester. It has the basic 2.5L EJ251 that was so common in the '00-'04 cars ( and was in producion in 1998 ).. I took a leap of a chance on it but got it cheap enough that if anything was majorly wrong I could afford to fix or part it and recover money.. But it looks like the chance paid off.. It had a violent shimmy which turned out to be wheel balance and it needs a rear wheel bearing..

It has 219k miles so it's got about 100k more in it with the engine/ trans it has and it's a 5spd, so it's pretty fun to drive with the Forester's 4.44 ratio

I paid, approx $400 more for this than a set of snow tires for my Fusion. It does need tires, but there $60 each and not over $200 each


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Congrats!! Those Subarus are great in the snow.

I like how it's a manual! Cool!!

Thanks for sharing the exciting news with us and be sure to keep us updated. :thThumbsU
Good deal!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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