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New vs. older Toro Super Recyclers

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With so much being written on the Super Recyclers, I am intrigued. It is my understanding that they are great munchers. What is the quality of the cut? One of my local dealers is offering a $100 discount on the new SR4s. What are the advantages of the different engines (I like Honda))? In the older models, what are the better models? Did these come in 21" and 22"?
I need to read "Super Recyclers For Dummies".
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Thanks, poor and Y. I don't think I will find a Kawi, but will keep looking.
A Zuki would be fine, too. How is the Honda engine on the new ones? Will the SR 4 decks easily accept a great engine like a Kawi or Zuki without a lot of hassle?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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