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So I'm new and looking to buy a used Snapper RER. It appears they are dirt cheap, and easy to maintain and rebuild with my skills. I have a Toro walk behind personal pace currently, but have just moved to a larger yard with trees, and no longer feel like walking... Any recommendations from veterans of these mowers to look for when shopping is greatly appreciated.

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No recommendations but Welcome!!!:thThumbsU


The Snapper I bought looked nearly new for being probably a '96 vintage. Bought from original owner who took care of all his equipment.


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It really depends on what you want,they were built with 25" 26" 28" 33" 41" and 42" decks and too many engines to list 5HP to 20.they are pretty simple when you figure out how everything works together,the engine inter-chageability is amazing. There are a few special tools,but they are not really necessary,if you can use hand tools they can be worked on.the newer models have more "safety" devices and are made a little cheaper than the earlier models. If you find one post it and ask for opinions.
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