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To bad you live so far from me. I have the front blade, snow plow for it. I doubt I will ever find a tractor to mount it on. LOL.

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I'll probably try to go the manual route for now to save money.
Hi, after reviewing the posts here, it looks like the discussion about lifts, hitches and attachments might be a little confusing.
Nearly all the AC/Simplicity garden tractors of the 60's, 70's and 80's used the same type of hitch system, consisting of a rockshaft inside the frame operated by a manual lever on the left side. The rockshaft could also be operated by an electric actuator (3000, 4000, 7000 series Simplicity, 700 series AC) or hydraulic cylinder run off the hydro (7100 series simplicity 900 series AC).
How attachments work:
1. The rockshaft and a cable/pulley arrangement are used to lift the deck for transport.
2. Front mounted implements like the snowplow and snow blower are lifted via the rockshaft with the short lever on the right side below the dash - see pic 1
3. A cable-actuated lift kit was connected to the rockshaft to create a type of 3-point lift for rear attachments like a tiller or earthcavator - see pic 2 and 3. They use the two attachment points at the bottom of the hitch on your tractor plus a stinger in the lift kit to raise and lower.
4. A one-point hitch is added to the lift kit primarily for a moldboard plow - see pic 3.

You can easily adapt many tow-behind attachments like dethatchers, aerators, etc to use the lift kit and stinger. it makes them much easier to use.
Only the larger Simplicity powermax and AC 720 used a true hydraulic Cat 0 3-point hitch like farm tractors.




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