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New Tractor Withdrawal....cured for now

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Well, it's been a while since I went tractor shopping, and I've been watching the deals fly by, since I'm all out of room. BUT...I have been shopping for lights...and found some attached to a B-10 :fing32:

I'm working on finding a few odds and ends for the Squire I want to redo this spring, and the only Guide lights I have are the version with built in switches, as for Broadmoor's or rear lights. I also needed a light bar, and when this B-10 popped up locally, I gambled. Turns out the lights are in great dents cracks or gouges, so I'm happy right there. :kens: The sheetmetal is in great's straighter than the Big Ten I redid. This one doesn't even have the hairline cracks around the seatpan frame welds that I've seen on every roundhood. Has a complete set of hoodbolts too.

It was listed as a non-runner, and I haven't peeked into the Brigg's. I do have another 234431 on a shelf that was running last winter. It needs tires (PO put the fatty's on the front), a front driveshaft coupler, and a PO broke off a bit of exhaust pipe in the block.

Even came with the optional ammo/toolbox.:thThumbsU

I have no idea where I'm going to put it...gonna have to dig some tarps and let the snow hide it until spring. :bonk:
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That looks sweet I wish one would come up in Tucson az
Too bad it's not easier (cheaper) to send one down!
Lol no kidding. I like that style a lot. I would trade my 990 for one. I am trying to talk the wife to move east. Closer to family stuff. I haven't told her I wanted to move for snow and more tractors.
Nice looking tractor and glad you found your lights:trink40: slkpk
Yeah, those Guide lights are getting tall prices these days, and even the B-series light bars are fetching $40 or more, once you pay for shipping. I figure I'm way ahead, just on the lights, and If I can get a running machine out of her, I'll be that much better off =]

The hood bolts and steering wheel cap alone were worth the trip...
Well MrGreen saw Add on Simplie tractor willing to pay $100. for 2 Glide lights no dents all I had had a dent or two.
Great find! What a stout looking work horse with tons of ground clearance.

Thanks for sharing,

That is an awesome looking piece of old iron.

She is stout, boy--what a feeling that first owner must have had the day he got it home, when brand new....:woohoo1:

Nice FIND hope ya find rppm for it.
Nice looking B-10 Mr.Green! Sounds like its time for a new garage or shed.
Yeah, space is a problem. I have every nook and cranny filled, even have two out on loan.

If I can find a suitable workspace, I'd like to turn out two restorations before show season, but I'm just not sure what I can come up with. Might only be knocking out the Squire, but this one would be a great candidate too =]
Picked up some more goodies today...good thing I have a walkout basement. It's the only place I have left to keep stuff dry =] This is becoming embarrasing...

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