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New tractor owner

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I recently bought a used new holland tn65. Working on getting a few of the mechanical issues resolved with it.
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Hi AaronK2021
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...if you run into problems ...just shout out...someone should be able to help you
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First off, i am not a mechanic, but cant fumble my way through minor repairs. My first project on the tn65 new holland is figuring out whit i cant move my shift into first or 2nd gear. The tractor was never inside, and when i first got it, i could only get it into fourth. I can now get it into 3rd after a lot of pb blaster. Any suggestions on what i can do besides continually oiling and wiggling back and forth is appreciated.
You might try to drain a little of the trans oil to see if it is full of water. Outdoor storage can mean water getting into parts it shouldn't. Oil and wiggling in moderation, shouldn't hurt, but if there is a lot of water in the transmission, it might be hard shifting do to rust internally. A quart or two of drained oil should tell you how healthy the internals are.

In the drained oil, look for:
  • Water; It will come out first. How much and whether it is cloudy, or emulsified tells how much it has run with water in there.
  • Debris; Look for any metallic sheen in the drained oil, or chunks of any kind, or any metal bits. Rusty goop is a sign of longer term water contamination.
If you find a lot of water or junk in the drained oil, you may have to drain it completely and remove the transmission top cover if yours has one, to investigate your hard shifting problem. Sometimes water will rust the shift rails and cause the symptom of not being able to shift into some or all gears. Many times a good cleaning of the internal shifter parts and refill with good oil will solve the issue. If you remove the top cover, take lots of photos and get a trans diagram to help you identify where and how things go back together. Might save you a hauling bill to get it to a shop.
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Ill share what i find. This is now only an evening and weekend project for me, so it may be a few days before i can respond
Those evening and weekend projects are the best projects. Remember, almost anything can be fixed. The photos are good for the forum, but of more use to you in repairing your machine.

Good luck and let us know how you are coming along. This forum has many helpers.
My plan has changed....i found that my tractor does not have a top plate to get into the transmission. I replaced all transmission fluid, and will go back to working the shifter left and right (i currently cant move it all to the left to get to first and second gear). Any other suggestion is appreciated.

Note, the original transmission fluid was pretty rough looking
I used a lot of pb blaster and was able to get the tractor in 1st and 2nd gear, butbit was pretty stiff. I could tell the shaft wasnt going in all the way so i kept spraying and waiting then i lightly tapped with a rubber mallet. I drove it around for a bit in both gears, sprayed down again and will tackle again tomorrow. It takes a lot of coaxing to get the shift to move into all four gears, but progress is progress. One week ago, i only had fourth gear. I am calling in some support from one of my farmer friends in the next few days.
Any resources here for repair manuals? To buy one for my NH TN65, i can order it online for over $300.00
Does anyone have a pic they can share of where the shifter actually goes into the transmission. Mine looks as if it has a place to put a grease gun into, but it may be broke off. (New holland 2001 tn65)
I figured out that there is not a grease zert where the shifter goes into the transmission. It is a roll pin. I talked to a friend who suggested to keep hitting it with oil and work the shifter back and forth.
I recently bought a used new holland tn65. Working on getting a few of the mechanical issues resolved with it.
Seen your post about a trans issue I have a tn65 NH and I can get it to go in gear but the 1234 shifter has a lot of play in it anyone know what the issue could be?
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