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New tractor nut in California

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MTF forums have been such a great source of information that I figured it was time to join now that the tractor hobby has crossed the line into possible "mental illness" territory.

I'm a resource manager and part-time farmer. Recently "upgraded" from a leaky old Oliver Super 55 to a Mahindra 3016 for farm operations, general property and forest management. We're also doing small-scale, high intensive crop production and I wanted a capable "micro tractor" to work in a scaled-down environment and for special applications. I really love the older garden tractors and how they could be perfectly matched for this application.

Had been looking for years and just recently picked up a Bolens 1250 with a Haban sickle bar mower and 33" inch tiller round the corner from us. Needs a ton of work so we're digging into that at present.

Still hunting for a vintage loader (I know, good luck!), another large frame Bolens and some additional Cat 0 implements to complete our equipment stable. Have a feeling though that it won't stop there!

Anyhow, belated thanks for all of the great info and looking forward to participating in this great community!
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Glad to have you here La Reve!

(via iPod)
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