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New toys, back from MIA

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the wife and I bought a new place a little over a year ago. My poor Yanmar has done about 2 hours work since we moved, I used the tiller at a neighbors house to level a spot for his storage shed. No work of my own at all since the implements I own are for gardening. I was using a neighbors bush hog at the old place. Finally got a little ahead and figured I better get a bush hog before I get over grown. Both came from TSC. I wasn't happy when I got home and realized the bush hog was Tarter instead of King Kuter but I do really like the way the top link allows the deck to kick up a certain amount with out breaking or bending anything but still allows the mounts to stop the thing from hitting you in the back of the head. I'm not sure if the little 1401 is going to have enough @$$ to work the dirt pan but we'll find out. I was a lot cheaper than a FEL either way.


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The little Yanmar never stops amazing me. Once the dirt pan is through the sod it cuts great and fills fast. I moved about a 1/2 a pick up load of dirt in a few minutes with it, not as fast as a FEL Used it to raise the back stop on my shooting range a little just playing around. I did move the pins to the inside on the scoop, seems to be sized more like a Cat 2 implement.
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