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New toy in the shed... it's red... omg

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We have a new toy in the shed, It is a Wheelhorse... and it is complete with deck and in great shape. It's RED!!! Omgoodness....

Looking to find out all the specs on this... since all of our other garden tractors are "GREEN ONES"... we don't know much in the way of Wheelhorse, but it is a nice tractor.

We are going to restore it to new condition and put it with the GREEN ones...

Here is the information on this:

Model # K3012AS
Spec # 47648D
Wheelhorse with 12 hp Kohler engine
Serial # 9307798

Can anyone tell me what year it is?

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I found the following ID # 91-21K802-8648 under the dash on a plate.
Then this # was under that one # 8331

and here is a couple pictures... working on getting it running...


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Your model number should be 91-12K802 and that would make it a 1979 C-121.Nice tractor. you can get a parts breakdown from Toro here:

You can order manuals plus download several here:
Put "none" for the serial number.

Here's your engine service manual:

That should get you started. Good luck.

Thanks for all the links, we will be working on this in our spare time. Will post more pics later... again, thanks!!:thanku: :thanku: :thanku:
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