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new to us BX23

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my step dad just bought himself a new to him kubota bx23, came with the FEL, 60" belly mower and rear backhoe. also has the 3pt hitch attachment that has never been installed. only about 500hrs on it. he had to read the manual to start it cuz he's never had a tractor before haha. but i'm sure in no time he will be at ease taking care of his projects on their 37 acres. anyway, heres a link to a short vid of him trying out the bucket.
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Nice setup! He will find many uses for the backhoe. Never used a tractor? He might never climb off that setup.

The backhoe also adds a lot of weight, which helps the loader. I tried my neighbor's tractor with a loader - he had added a 300 lb weight box. Even so, with a full load of dirt the rear wheels were just barely touching the ground.
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