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My buddy blew the motor in his Dynamark but his mower is in great shape. My MTD mower is on its last leg but the motor runs strong. I googled a question about the motor on the Dynamark and bumped into this site. I noticed it had quite a bit of use full information so i decided to hop on board!

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Hi Ferstlerslim, welcome aboard MTF, I bet there will be help for your questions from the small engine guys.
Enjoy the forums and post often.:MTF_wel2:
Greetings Dave & welcome from southern Md.

:MTF_wel2: Dave! :howdy:

Here's a thread for ya:

Enjoy MTF!:trink39:
:MTF_wel2: glad to have you here:thThumbsU
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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