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New to the JD family with a 318

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I purchased a JD 318 with bucket loader and 48" mower deck and bag collection system. I bought it April 2011 and I have not had the best of luck with it since I've had it. The person I purchased it from said he would set me up right with the tractor and after the last 9 months of phone calls and trying to get him to come out and help me. I am giving up on him and going to one of the best sources for DIY'ers and that is a forum. Because I am new to JD tractors I want to make sure I am doing things right and the best way to get advise is from experts that own the machines.
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Enjoy your time here and hope we can help you out, even if the only help might be bring it to Kansas and I will take care of it for you! :biglaugh: Just kidding of course, but we will help all we can. Should be able to post questions in the JD GTForum soon so post all you want.
And :wwp:
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