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This is my first post on I have been reading the forums for a few weeks now. I knew right away that this is the place to come for any kind of technical information that I may need.

I recently purchased a 1975 John Deere 400 garden tractor, hence the name "SHUL400" I realized that this machine has many attachments that are tractor specific, but I did not find too many negative comments from the users here. A quick search of my local craigslist yielded a few attachments nearby. I am looking forward to learning from the many experts on this site. I already have many questions about my 400.

I look forward interacting with many of you in the forums.

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:MTF_wel2: Look towards the JD forun, Sure you will find answers there. Make sure to post model numbers. makes it a lot easier. Again :MTF_wel2:
Jared, Welcome to the forum and good luck with the 400. :MTF_wel:
:MTF_wel2:Welcome from N.Illinois..:thThumbsU
Hello Jared, and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
you have a great tractor i looked at the 400's but deceided to go with the 420 for several reasons. they are both great tractors. good luck and welcome. i am also new here.

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