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New to me x530 with 54 in deck and have a question

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So I broke down this week and bought a used x530 with 97 hours on it. It is in great shape and hopefully will last me a long time. I still have my x360 and will be making this my winter snow blowing machine only, while the x530 will be my main mowing unit. I do have 1 question. The 360 has the 48 inch edge deck with the 48 powerflow bagger. Will the powerflow also work on the 54 inch edge deck? It appears that the discharge opening for both are the same size. The dealer wasn't sure and didn't think it would. I know that the 48 inch deck will fit on x360, so if the powerflow doesn't my alternative will be change decks in the fall to use the powerflow. I only use it to clean up the leaves in our yards.
Any thoughts or help on this would be appreciated. Thanks
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Thanks, I appreciate the help and if anyone else has run into this I would love to hear from them.
Yes, I know I am going to love this new tractor, gives me options I didn't have before.
After spending some time today trying to get the power flow attached I realized it just isn't going to fit. And after speaking with a John Deere Service Tech he advised me of the same thing. The power flow 48 will not match up to the 54 inch Edge Deck. He advised that I need the power flow for the 54 in deck and there really is no other way around it. He advises that the chutes and bagger will work, it's just the power flow unit that will not. They are about $600. new so I guess I'm onto plan B for now. I will keep watch for a used one down the road.
Thanks to all of your comments and assistance. Greatly appreciated.
As long as you are having to look, maybe consider a Cyclone Rake. It will offset the cost of the PowerFlow unit and remove the extra weight on the discharge side of the deck and I feel get a better unit, since it holds a lot more and can dump if you have a ravine or hole you want to fill. I bought a Cyclone Rake that was initially used on a Kubota Zero Turn. I made it fit my Scotts L17.542, 42” deck, then modified it to fit my X738 with 54” deck. I skipped attaching it to the X360, 48” deck, since it had the mulching kit installed. I used it for just mowing. The X738 is used for mowing, leaf pickup, spreading fertilizer/lime, snow blowing, and occasionally use the blade to level leaf piles or gravel on my son’s driveway.

It all depends on what comes up first. A lot of the used PowerFlow units get sold with the tractor or once in a while with a deck.

Early on I looked at those before I got the Power flow. Problem is I have no place to dump, short of loading everything on my utility trailer and hauling if off to the dump, or I can put the leaves and clippings into garbage cans and let the town pick them up once a week. I have done both, but its always 16 or so garbage cans out to the curb. Gets old in a hurry. A least the power flow grinds them down and I can load them up easier without as many cans if I put them out and less bulk if I haul them away. Doesn't seem like there would be a easy way to unload the cyclone rake and then reload to the utility trailer.
Good though, Thanks
When you say it isn’t going to fit, what is different other than the belt length? Deck depth would be the other thing I would expect to cause an issue.
The housing doesn't go all the way into the deck discharge opening. The small rod that's on the left of the unit is supposed to go into the wheel housing block and its about 3 to 4 inches short of hitting the hole. I even tried taking the grass flap off to see if that would help, but it didn't. Even though the deck is bigger I would guess that the housing for the power flow 54 inch is not as deep. My plan B is when leaf time comes I am just going to mount my deck from the 48" and mount the power flow on that and use the 48 for cleanup. That worked great previous years on my x360 so should be ok on the 530.
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