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New to me x530 with 54 in deck and have a question

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So I broke down this week and bought a used x530 with 97 hours on it. It is in great shape and hopefully will last me a long time. I still have my x360 and will be making this my winter snow blowing machine only, while the x530 will be my main mowing unit. I do have 1 question. The 360 has the 48 inch edge deck with the 48 powerflow bagger. Will the powerflow also work on the 54 inch edge deck? It appears that the discharge opening for both are the same size. The dealer wasn't sure and didn't think it would. I know that the 48 inch deck will fit on x360, so if the powerflow doesn't my alternative will be change decks in the fall to use the powerflow. I only use it to clean up the leaves in our yards.
Any thoughts or help on this would be appreciated. Thanks
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I would think that the measurements would be off slightly so at the least you would probably need a slightly longer belt. The distance from the pulley that you mount on the deck spindle to drive the power flow unit will be slightly further from the chute opening on the side of the deck. The blades are a little longer than 1/3 of the total cutting width for overlap, so a blade for a 48" deck is a little over 16" long, and on a 54" deck it is a little over 18" long. So the difference in distance from the center of the pulley to the edge of the deck is going to be about half the difference in length between the two blade lengths, or about 1" further on the 54" deck than on the 48" deck.
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