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New to me tn65 no 1 or 2 gear

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I recently bought my friends 2000 tn65. It had been at our hunting club and sat far 2 years, (he bought a new one with a feont end loader) other than a leaking seal it was running fine when parked. Engine runs great, the shuttle works great, the a/b works fine......but 1-2-3-4 shifter seems to only have 3 and 4. It shows an H pattern on the shifter but I can’t get it to move left, just forward and back. Maybe I am doing something wrong or there is a trick to it? Maybe something in the shifter? I went underneath and the shaft that goes into the transmission does not move in or out (I assume it is supposed to). I really like this tractor as it is replacing my mid 70’s Massey Ferguson. Just wondering if Anyone had any experience ir ideas.

Thank you
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It is definitely bound up. There is a grease fitting on the shift mechanism....took a while but I finally got some grease in there....added heat and more grease iver several hours now I have all four gears! Yay!
Any chance on a photo? I have the exact issue but in 1-2. Would love to get this fixed. Thank you for giving me some hope of a less costly issue.
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