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Hi all,

I have just acquired a somewhat neglected SS/18 that has spent the last few years sitting out in a field being rained upon and solar heated. Much to my surprise I (and a more knowledgeable friend) have gotten the fool thing running, to the point that I have actually mowed my back 2.2 acres with it, also the front and back lawn, and a few other overgrown areas.

It includes the Sears 'Roto Spader', attached via a 3 point hitch, and a 42" mowing deck. The 'spader' engine has been started (one time) but has not yet done any digging (excuse me, 'spading').

It did not come with any documentation, the closest thing I have found to a manual for it is the owner's manual for the SS/16 Twin, which appears to be close enough, a least it answers most of my questions so far. I have also found an owner's manual for the mower deck, and owner's manuals for an intriguing number of accessories/attachments/gadgets which indicates the possibility of a long (and expensive) relationship.

I find it mildly amusing that absolutely every safety feature has been disabled, (no restrictions on starting it, no belt guides/guards, nothing to insure that the mower blades stop when the PTO is disengaged, and so on.

I will post pictures soon. I looks kinda odd at the moment, as the grill/hood have been removed - the fiberglass front thingie seems to have been pretty fragile, and I have been more interesting in getting it running for now. 'Pretty' will come later.
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