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New to me LT1000 Auto

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My neighbor does lawn care so he often comes home with equipment that people don't want anymore. Anyway, he got a tractor that had been sitting a while, he couldn't get it running, and then asked me if I wanted it for parts since it was similar to mine. I said sure and rolled it on over to my house a couple days later.

Anyway, I finally get around to looking at the thing and I notice it's complete and got the hydro trans, a Kohler 16 hp and is in nicer shape than my tractor. I fiddled with the lockout switches a bit and got it to crank. Changed the oil, added some gas, and it fired right up.

Seems to work just fine. I'd like to use it for mowing since the hydro trans would be a lot nicer for the back and forth stuff. I'll swap my current mower deck over to the hydro tractor and then then I'll just use my 6sp LT1000 for my cart and other towed attachments and plowing.

I run loaded tires and wheel weights on my 6sp tractor because I have a hilly property and the extra traction really helps keep the tractor from doing burnouts on the lawn. Shouldn't be a problem to do the same on the hydro right (which will be pretty much dedicated lawn machine)?

I did replacement air fuel and oil filters. Should I take the time to pull the axle and change the fluid before I put it in to regular service? Any other recommended maintenance specific to the hydro trans? Tractor is a 1998 917.272061

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Since you have no idea how the PO treated it, I'd change the fluid, cheap insurance IMHO.

If it is like our rally 696 you take the plate off between the seat and dash on the left side of the rail should the vent tube , it will have a clamp on it , take the top off , stick a small long clear piece of tubing down the vent tubing SLOWLY till you hit bottom take a milk container set on ground the tractor must be on car ramps or blocks suck on clear tubing till oil is about3 ins (DO NOT LET ANY GET IN YOUR MOUTH , IF YOU DO SPIT , WASH ,SPIT WASH DO NOT SALLOW ANYTHING)from end quickly stick in milk jug , should get out 1.5 to 2 quarts:thThumbsU MODERATOR IF THIS WRONG , DELETE IAM ONLY TRYING TO HELP
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The transaxle is listed as a-
Hydro Gear 314-0510.
Google that and you'll find all kinds of how to/documentation etc.
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