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New (to me) LB with BBC questions

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I picked up two more LBs the other day, a 7261 and a 8244 SUPREME.
The 8244 started after cleaning the carb but only sputtered. Pulling the cord with the bladed engaged finally got the mower running. at a normal speed. At idle it was surging.
Any tips on how to pull the muffler to check the ports? I am worried about $50 worth of gaskets. And if the seal is bad, do you pull the BBC assembly? Anybody been here, done that?

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Hi Mark, it is easy to do. Remove the blade by removing two 9/16 head bolts holding blade to BBC. Then remove three 1/2 head bolts holding muffler to motor base plate. If the O-ring gasket is in bad shape, go to hardware store and purchase the same size rubber o-ring.
I pulled the muffler cover and gaskets and cleaned what I could. The gaskets had 1/8" of carbon caked in place. I left it alone for fear of damaging the gaskets.

I saw no sign of a leaking seal, but you would need to remove the BBC to replace it, correct?

The drive mechanism was missing a bolt. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of part number 602984?



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To replace the lower crank seal you would need to remove the BBC. To replace the o-ring between the muffler housing and the motor base plate, the BBC doesn't need to be removed. I didn't know which seal you needed info. on placing.
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