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New (to me) IH 350 Utility

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Just got home yesterday my IH 350 Utility. It is bigger than I needed but looking forward to using it. It has a back hoe and loader installed and runs very well. Gas with a 12 volt upgrade. It needs a few new hydraulic hoses (one blew while I was inspecting it) and the outrigger on one side is missing the cylinder so it'll need one of those, otherwise it is real nice. Seems to have been recently painted which is why it has no badges on it, unfortunately those were no longer with the tractor when purchased. I look forward to finishing the last few fixes and keeping it running for a while. I am looking for manuals for it but there are so many listed on websites I am not sure which I need, if anyone can point me in the right direction. Also I want to drain and replace the fluids myself but until I have a manual I can't do that so if anyone can direct as what types I will need it is appreciated. Thanks!

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Me and my new big boy toy.

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This is how I brought it home. It just barely fit on the largest trailer rental I could find.

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Nice, recent paint with no badges (also most tin bolts are missing)

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In the make shift garage until I can build something larger and more permanent
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As far as the tractor itself, I can help you out with a lube chart attached below. Click on it a couple of time to enlarge it. Right click on the picture, and hit print, it should print out a full sized copy, on printer paper. Shows capacities at the bottom of the page. Arrows point to drain/fill locations, and others to locations of zerk fittings.

As far as the hoe & loader, those resemble Hough Wain Roy units. Guessing the loader operates off a front mounted pump, and the uprights the loader arms attach to in the reservoir for it. Possibly a hose linking the two together(??) so both side hold oil. And assuming the hoe uses that same pump & reservoir. Guessing a 303 oil (20 wt) would work. Somewhere in the system should be an inline filter. You'll probably have to get the filter out, and look for the part number.


Thanks DJ54 that's a huge help, I just started looking for all the fill spots for lube so that will make it much easier. Yes it is a Wain Roy unit, or at least the back hoe is, but I haven't located a plate or model info yet for the loader which I assume is the same.
Hey DJ54, any idea what the hydraulic fluid is? I want to pick some up even though it was topped off for when I need it. I thought I read somewhere it was a hydro trans fluid, perhaps something like this Traveller Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid, 5 gal. - For Life Out Here ? Thanks!
Yep, that will work. That is what I use.

I did a Google image search last night for Wain Roy, and there were several images of manuals for them, if you can find a model number. If not, maybe a image search for a "IH 350 utility with Wain Roy Backhoe". By a stroke of luck, you may find one similar where they say what the model of the hoe is.
There is a plate, its a Wain Roy WR 350. Thanks for the confirmation for the hydro trans. Just had a tractor supply open up a couple years ago nearby, makes picking up stuff like this so much easier :) I'm going to pick up some fresh grease this weekend to get it all lubed up as well.
Too bad you don't have a Rural King close. They have hyd. oil for $19.99 for 5 gal. this month.
Never even heard of them. The closest is many states away, not too many different farm / tractor stores in CT.
Anyone know where I could locate the dimensions / specifics for the backhoe outrigger (stabilizers) it is missing one completely and I need to replace it. I'd like to do so without taking the other off and bringing it to a shop to get matched, if possible. Otherwise I will do so next week. I can't find any info on these backhoes any where.
I seriously doubt you find the specs you need in print. As you say, probably best to get the dimensions of the other one for a pattern, and go from there.
That's what I figured. Thanks!
Got the cylinder off with little issue, just waiting for a new one now. When I did it the fluid seemed a little milky so I think water got into it (the retaining pin under the seat had previously been blown according to the po) so I want to drain it and refill with fresh fluid. Any idea how much fluid it takes when dry and the best way to drain it? Thanks! Looks like 3.5 gallons total but want to be right.
Or possibly 15ish gallons, seeing conflicting info lol.
Does it have a separate reservoir for the hoe and loader..?? On the older models, the uprights that the loader arms attach to, is the reservoir. Thing is, you'll need to purge all of the cylinders of contaminated oil, or you'll have the same thing all over again.
I am not sure, I assumed they were the same but didn't go digging around looking for that yet. I did grease everything up, should've paid attention then lol. Yea I know I'll have to empty the cylinders too, not looking forward to that.
Nice looking 350Utility.
Really like the more modern FEL, and the backhoe that you got with it. Should make a handy machine.

On my 350U I have the older IH FEL which attaches on the back axle housings.

Don't know if you found the manuals yet, but the ones I rely on are pictured below. Don't know if they are the best, but I have been able to answer most of my questions so far.



Is the FEL and backhoe running off of the tractor hydraulics, or have they added a secondary pump, reservoir, etc.? Some of the 300U's or 350U's had a front hydraulic pump, run off of the crankshaft pulley.

Regarding the 350U hydraulics. The reservoir, which is under the seat holds 3.5 gals. For my 350U, with the hoses, two FEL single acting cylinders, the bucket curl cyl, and the 3ph, it holds almost an additional gal.
If your FEL support arms are acting as a secondary reservoir, I would imagine they would have to tie into the main reservoir so you should be able to trace it.
If you are going to take the time to change out all the fluid, I would suggest you split the reservoir and make sure the filter which is located under the top is not clogged or damaged and is clean. This filter makes a huge difference in the operation of the hydraulics on the 350U.
Thanks for the info, I've actually been away so haven't taken a look yet and I just got back so hopefully get it all figured out soon. I am hoping it's just one pump but am not sure.
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