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New to me DC CASE ebay buy.

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Well, I did go look at this in person before I bid. Looks like a project someone started, then let sit many years. (Inside)

Sheetmetal is very good. Has eagle hitch. (no fenders) oil pan side covers are missing on one side (green tape) several smaller things missing and one bigger thing, the carb is missing.
Tape over several holes and the exhaust pipe. Fan and water pump were repainted, looks like new spark plugs and new fan belt. Engine wouldn't turn by hand on the fan. Will try just soaking cylinders when I get it home. 4 good innertubes surrounded by tires that keep the innertubes off the ground in most places.

The $305 price seemed too good to pass up even though I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Depends on whether it will get running without too much trouble. Any big obsticles and it will be part out time.
The story is, it was a trade in at a new Mihandra dealer and they just want it gone, never tried to do anything with it, just had it dropped off and want it gone.

Got a BIG bathroom project that HAS to be done this week. (New tub & shower walls, replace 4 studs & wall of house where shower window let water run into wall. No window after this.)

I'll try and get it home tomorrow or tuesday. These were the ebay photos.

I realise these are the least valuable old tractor out there, but any old tractor ought to be worth $300. Thats old murray mower territory.
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Oh, all the drain plugs are out. Radiator, block, oilpan and gas tank. Nothing in the holes so a bunch of plugs and sediment bown needed. I think that is better than full of water though. Block is not froze & busted. first thing I looked for.
Looks like you got a good deal looks to be in good shape.:thThumbsU I like the look of the old DC cases
I always thought the front wheels on the row crop looked like an afterthought..the designer said,"whoops! forgot the front wheels!"

Maybe if I get it running they will grow on me.
I always thought it was for stability as they are put out past the front on the DC's .
Looks like a great tractor for the $. Must be a 1952 model with the eagle hitch and hand clutch. I had one of these when I was still farming. Also had a 1954 that had a foot clutch. Both where great tractors. Still have a 1950 model D. thats a standard version of the DC. Good luck with your project.
Wow... I would have bought that in a heart beat... It's one like I learned on...
That's quite a beast. It should easily be worth what you paid for it.
Went back & paid for it today. It was raining, which is a coincidence because last time it rained was last time I saw it. Took off the tape and looked in the oilpan this time. The mouse nest in the sump didn't bother me, but the rod cap missing wasn't all that thrilling.

Well, I'll have to take a portable cherry picker with me on Sun and raise it up & reverse one of the rear wheels to get it on my trailer. Will split it when time permits and go through the engine and see what I have.

I'm not worried, If I can't get get my money back in parts as a last resort, then I'm in the wrong hobby/business.
I should add, the cap was missing but the journal looked ok, the nuts were gone so someone took it off for some reason. Might be laying in the mouse nest for all I know.
Got it home today. Such as it is.

Boy, they sure put some metal in those DC's. That's way too much tractor for my car trailer. Definately was too much for my Cherry Picker. Will have to buy some box tubing and spend a day fiddling.

My plan was to pick up the one side and put my home made tractor jackstand (8" diameter 1/4" wall pipe with a base and a V top) under it then use the cherry picker to lift the tire and reverse the rim on the axle. Sounded good on paper.

Winched it up on the trailer rail on one side then let the air out. (no fluid) Bad way to haul it, but I didn't have another way.

It seems to be ok besides the engine. Rolling it on the parking lot had the hydrailics up some, when back down by the lever. Hand clutch works.

I'll have to split it and take the pan off and the head and see what is needed before deciding to part it or fix it. I hate to part a fixable old beast and I do like the looks of this one.
Hood won't fit on one side because it is up against some non original airbox thing.
No tag on the dash. any place else to look to find the year?


No idea what kind of lift the factory hydraulic cylinder could produce but it is a pretty good size cylinder.


My neighbor had a DC as his main tractor when I was growing up, so to me they always look like a tractor should to my eye. He even had (and still has, I think) a good set of fenders on his. His did have a conformal weight set around the front steering pivot. I've never seen this on any other machines of the type. I don't know if this was just an unusual option, or if someone roughed in a pattern and had them made as a "government work" project at the mill one day.

Are you planning on restoring this, working this, or a bit of both?
No idea what I'm going to do yet. like they say around here, it ain't eating any hay. I have a few higher prioritys right now.

Pulled the nest out of the oil pan and looked around. No bearing cap. Looks like someone removed it then greased the bearing so it wouldn't rust. Don't want to try turning it over without the cap and taking a chance of nicking the crank. Crank looks ok. I'm thinking it either had low oil pressure and they took it off to see what the bearing looked like, or to see if it was standard.
This is a 50's model with the eagle hitch. don't know if they have inserts or babbit rods, and don't want to remove another to see.

I'll wait until I can get to it. If it can be made to run reasonably enough, and if it can lift a gin pole reasonably well, it might be kept and my WD45 traded off. Otherwise it might be scrapped. No fenders with it.
Go toward the light old guy...

Went to squirt some oil & WD into the sparkplug holes today, and stopped on #2 when I saw water standing in there. A worse sign than normal because it hasn't gotten water into it since I owned it, but it did just have a couple of pieces of old masking tape over the exhaust pipe. (Couldn't afford a used tin can I guess..dumazz)

I'm not interested in coming up with rods, rockers, valves (no margin), pistons & sleeves and who knows what else.


Too bad the engine is hosed. Looks like a nice streight, clean tractor. If someone wanted to put a few bucks in it, looks like it would be a nice project.
That had to be a sick feeling when you pulled that head off.
There was a complete motor on Ebay the other day but I can't remember where it was located.
I've been pulling DC's for 5-6 years and they are a great tractor.
Hope you don't ditch the project.
Terry T
look on the the flange of the engine block where it bolts to clutch housing on the left side. there should be a number stamped in the casting. the first two digits, subtract 4 is the year of manufacture. example, 551109, would be a 1951 is not nessesary to remove oil pan. even the pistons can be removed through oil pan side hole. i would recommend getting an i&t shop manuel they are available from intertec publishing corporation box 12901 overland park,kansas 66282-2901 a very good manuel well worth the money.
i didn't see head removed pics when i posted info on year. yea your looking at engine overhaul. by the way it has babbit bearings. between my dad and grandfather we used 7 dc cases when i was growing up in iowa in the 60's. they could be purchased for scrap price 130.00 back then. if was closer i would be temted to buy it. they where a pretty good tractor.old cases just don't get the recognition they should. anyway lots of luck.
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