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New to me 855

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Picked up this '97 855 w/ 765hrs. Great tractor so far, I was looking for a 455 with loader but came upon this and with some of the projects I've tackeld at my new place on 5 acers I'm glad I went bigger.

Guy selling his estate, I got the tractor, 3pt plow, 3pt weight box, chains, and his 1/2 full diesel barrel with pump.

855 compared to my 210

More pics:

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You got the best...:)

Remember to remove the mower deck when working around rocks that stick up out the dirt...:)
I can see why they have the drive over decks now, it weighs a ton and until garage is finished its a pain to take off on an unlevel surface on the grass and to get it on and off.

Nice 855, looks real nice, good luck with it!

Side note, what size and brand of tires are on the rear of the 210?
I think they are carlisle 26x12x12, have to double check.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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