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New (to me) 8005 Automower

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I think it's from either 1970 or 71. I can't find a stamped SN on the tag though. Someone has repainted it kinda mint green even the wheels. The original color appears to be kind of olive without the drab.

It's gonna be a project. I'm going to take my time on this and do it right.

It's a C46 engine. It's got a hole in the dinnerplate muffler but I have another muffler bottom piece.

Anyway, that's my weekend acquisition.



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Very Nice, What are your plans with this one? Automowers are very cool/interesting set up.
Sweet, post pictures of the progress.
I woulda snapped that up in a heartbeat!!
Very cool! I don't have a clue what color they are supposed to be. I like the the older ones in teal and red or gold!
The color of this automower when it came from the factory was turf green. It is as you say a 1970 or 1971 depending on the serial#. They were a little unusual because most of the engines used in that year were a "D" engines by then. There were a few exceptions. Nice mower though. The gears and pulley's used in the drive system were never kept serviced in these mowers and most quit working after the gears stripped out or the belt broke. The drive system on these were rather delicate. Gears are no longer available if yours are worn out. You must have access to N.O.S. Enjoy your find.
I like it, really cool mower! Keep us updated with pics of the resto!
Thanks for all the comments fellers. I do intend to do a full resto on this one. Is there a present day Krylon or similar equivalent for LB turf green?

Also, what does the C engine air consist of? From what I remember, it looks like silver colored Brillo Pad. Couldn't have been too effective, if that's what it was.

Did you check the cylinder fin for an engine number tag ?
Thanks for the tip Ron. I'll do that.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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