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New to me 520H

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Hi Guys

Drove three hours each way yesterday to look at a 1996 520H with 475 hours. I am not an expert on these tractors by any means, but it looked good to me and I took it home. It included a 48" SD mower deck, a grader blade, a single stage snow blower in fair condition, and a small tow behind trailer. I have a lot of questions, but for now maybe just a couple. What sort of cleaning and maintenance items would you do to it? Also with the snow coming I am interested in trying to find a plow for it, and am unsure of what model# to look for. I know it needs some type of extensions because of the swept forward front axle. Most of the plows I have seen on E-bay or Craig's list don't seem like they would fit.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the quick reply. I don't know if you saw it, but I added a second post for a plow I found on Craig's list, model#06-48BCO3. I was curious if that would fit. Also on the maintanance, I guess I was wondering if people thought I should change oil, various filters, etc.? Also, people had talked about grass build-up in cooling fins of the Onan and I wonder if I should check into that? It seemed like the guy had done pretty good regular maintanance on it.


I realized I forgot to answer your questions. It is the mid-mount grader blade. As far as the snowblower, a neighbor has the plow set-up on his Wheel horse, and for most of the storms we get it just seems faster than the snowblower. For more than 5-6" I will probably try the blower. It will be a trial and error process I guess.

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