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New to me 520H

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Hi Guys

Drove three hours each way yesterday to look at a 1996 520H with 475 hours. I am not an expert on these tractors by any means, but it looked good to me and I took it home. It included a 48" SD mower deck, a grader blade, a single stage snow blower in fair condition, and a small tow behind trailer. I have a lot of questions, but for now maybe just a couple. What sort of cleaning and maintenance items would you do to it? Also with the snow coming I am interested in trying to find a plow for it, and am unsure of what model# to look for. I know it needs some type of extensions because of the swept forward front axle. Most of the plows I have seen on E-bay or Craig's list don't seem like they would fit.

Thanks in advance

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You are correct! The swept forward axles require an extention kit on the standard
snow plow. However, it would not be hard to fabricate for a handy person.
All you need to do is duplicate the holes at the end of the frame and extend that
duplication approximately 18 on the back end. I would lay out the standard plow
under the tractor with the blade angled (to be sure it clears the front tires when angled)
and then measure back from the holes at back of the plow frame to the mounting
point (plow mounting bracket on rear axle). You will also need a plow mounting bracket
to mount your plow.

You said you have a blower with it? Why not use it?

I assume the grader you mentioned is the mid-mount belly grader?

I would just treat it's cleaning as you would a car. Wash and wax not
spray water directly on the engine. I always wipe my engines with a dry cloth.
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It is always a good idea to change all fluids (unless you know the p.o. and his
maintainance schedule) and filters. Then you create your own schedule.

You can easily inspect the fins for grass and mouse nests that wouuld lead to
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