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...I thought that a 10515 would have the spots where holes could be drilled to mount the tank stand and engine guard, but that's not the case. So, for now, the 22241 project is unfortuneately off...
Oddly enough one of my 10515s does have the little bosses where the engine guard hole would be drilled. Srange.

You can still use a "normal" 10515 deck for the 22241, though... just pick up some cylindrical bushings and grind them into a wedge shape. Then you can drill the holes in the deck and use the wedge-shaped cylindrical bushings to provide a level surface for the engine guard. You could probably also bend the uprights on the guard to just sit at a slight angle. I can take some pictures to explain if you'd like... I'm just realizing that it's kinda hard to explain in text.

Anyway, great score... the 10515s rule!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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