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Well, I got the 10515 today. Looks rough, but don't judge it the wrong way, it runs awesome!

Well here's the story:

I checked the seals, shaft, deck, controls, basically everything possible at the time before I bought it. Everything looked good. So, I paid $50, which was an awesome deal IMHO! As some may remember me saying earlier that I had plans to convert it to a 22241. Well, I thought that a 10515 would have the spots where holes could be drilled to mount the tank stand and engine guard, but that's not the case. So, for now, the 22241 project is unfortuneately off. This mower isn't good enough looking to convert it to a 22241 in my opinion anyways. So, maby if I get ahold of a nicer 10515, I will make a 22241.

Back to the actual story-

I got it home and put some 32:1 gas/oil (Lawn-Boy Generation 2 ashless oil) mix into the tank. Turned the fuel on, primed it and tried to start it, no start. I repeated the same steps over and over. It sputtered or ran for a little every once in awhile. So, I figured that I would inspect the coil/plug/etc. When I got the recoil and shroud off, I noticed that the coil was wrong! It wasn't even a Lawn-Boy one! So, I replaced it with the correct one, cleaned it up, cleaned the flywheel magnets up, regapped the coil and flywheel, replaced the plug and assembled it. No primes and one pull, started right up!!!!! I ran it and mowed with it a good bit this evening, and it is awesome! The self-propel works great too. There are some things that I'd like to do to it, such as clean the muffler and ports, sharpen the blade, and some other things. Some things need tightened up and some other things need to be done, as I said. But for now, my biggest problem is that where the fuel on/off switch is, it leaks, i tried different o-rings and other parts, nothing worked. So I am pretty sure that it is the fuel tank.

Other than that, this mower is great!

And now I can say myself that this just might be the best Lawn-Boy ever made! It is a joy to use too!

Here are the pics!



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