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New to forum Hi all

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Hi all need a little help . I have a Murray 1978 model and part of the model number is missing 8-365?((may be 5 6 or 8 then)) x72 i cant find this model or anything like it when i search the net . Well the isue i have is the steering gear cannot seem to buy them dont make them anymore and all models i have seen that look the same have steering gear from the top and mine is under where belts are if any one can help me with this it would be with many thanks . Will try to put pictures of the mower and parts. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME [email protected] NOT to sure how to put pictures on but will email them if any interest
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:MTF_wel2:Welcome from N.Illinois. Check out the Murray Forum, also Bushboneyard from this site can probably help you as he is the resident murray guy.
There is a 1988 model with a number 8-36568, does yours have square headlights?
does yours look like this?


COUPSTER GOOD MAN , dont know what i was doing when looking for this but , i was told know one makes this any more and will have to engineer steering HHMMM .I will look at how much it is to import to australia i need the other gear the picture when i blow up is not clear . It is with many Thanks and when i can get my wife to help will put some pictures
This is the model with the square head lights but some sem to have steer gears on top of frame and mine on the bottom of frame . THANKS ALL FOR YOUR HELP :trink39:

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:Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
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