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New to forum and tractors.

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Just got our first tractor. Power King. The adventure begins.
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PK, good to have you aboard here and congrats on your newest acquisition, enjoy the forums :)
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Welcome! Boy, are you lucky. You just happen to live near (at least in the same state) and a very good parts supplier for these tractors. Jerry Frank over in Taylor Texas. I don't know how far he is from you but he's closer to you than he is to me for sure.
Thanks for the warm welcome. Sorry if I sound like a proud parent but this PK is cool.

It took two days to research and find the serial number on it so we used it for the login name. We think it is a 2418 but not sure. The Kholer SN is 9814176. As soon as I figure out how, I'll post some pics.

It has seen some better days and has some ODD rust/corrosion (like the shifter rod just below the handle). We picked it up in Louisana so it has been thru Rita, Katrina, Gustof, and Ike. I would have expected it to be completely rusted out.

Starts on the second or third try and pulls hard in all 3 gears. The dash and controls are the hardest hit. Most are missing or rigged. Tires are shot and go flat in a day. No brakes, the gas tank leaks and mower deck sounds like the bearings are made of gravel. It keeps throwing the PTO belt but I think that the front pulley setup is wrong (dosent look like any I've seen in pics of other PK's).

We got it with a mower, plow, disk and harrow bar. We need to get it mowing first and formost. That's why we bought it. A restoration will follow someday.

We tried to mow with it today and threw the POT belt. It got into the PTO clutch and like to beat itself to death before I could get it shut down. No major harm done but but we need to get the right setup on the front.
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Your tractor is a 1980 2418. You do have a project on your hands but, it is complete and runs so that's a plus. Here's Jerry's information so that you can contact him with your parts needs.

Jerry Frank (ussupply on Ebay)
22101 Hwy 79
Taylor, TX 76574
Email: [email protected]
Welcome aboard, also!!
post some pic's when you get time...
Please post pictures when you have a chance.

A fellow Texan.

Jerry H.:MTF_wel2:
Posted a few pics under another thread titled "a few pics of the old girl".
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