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New tires on b10

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Has anyone used Titan r4 industrial tires on there garden tractors. I have an opportunity to get some for under 4O bucks. I guess there front tires for larger tractors but look like they will work good. They are 23/8.5-12s
Thanks again. I am just using them to doze some and fill some land out back i think they'll work but have no experience with at tires
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Do you know what tread design they are? I don't see why they wouldn't fit, but they would be awful firm. I'mthinking R-4's are like a skidsteer tire, right?
I personally like the front atv tires. Kenda Bear Claw ATV Tire 25-8-12.
I use these to pull a one bottom plow or a mini two bottom plow. Great for breaking grass.
You can find my plow at I've had it pull hard enough in really hard soil to put the legacy in low range and honda engine poof out smoke rings. Typical soil it maybe pull a little harder then a one bottom but not by much. Can pull it in high range normally. Last year though was a odd year for MN the ground was super dry and fields were cracking. Some of the farmers had two 8 wheel tractors chained together with a chisel plow just to break ground, Both 8 wheelers were smoking pretty good!
From what I googled, they are a CUT tire factory used on Deere & Cubs to name 2., probably fronts in that size but they do have a bar type tread and aren't loader tires. Sounds like they did have a batch made that don't hold up well, weather cracking bad before their time. Still, that is a good price.
Accually just bought some nice Titan ag tires used off Craigslist this morning I don't have the type name but put them on the 6216 rims I have that are 10.50 x12 and put the on b 10 and was lucky enoughy to get 3 inches of snow today. They worked great not as good as my chains but easier on driveway. I would really like wheel weights. Now I just need the ribbed front tires also. I have a set of almost brand new Deere rims that came with tires but offsets wrong, hopefully I can trade them for some ribbed front tires or weights. Don't know if I'll still get r 4 for I would have about an hours drive and go back tp work tommorow for next cycle and that means 15 hour days for 6 days.Thanks for everyone's input
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