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New tires, Firestone 23 degree

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I'm impressed. My first set of AG's were TSC Hi-Run's and they've always had good traction, but these are on another level. They're the same size, 23 x 10.5 but the Firestone is a bit taller.

It has rained nearly every day this week, perfect time to test out new tires. I loaded the Custom in the trailer for weight.

Was doing fine til I stopped to take a picture...

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Thanks guys! It will get tri-ribs eventually too. I didn't realize how ugly the SS14 is until looking at the pictures. That orange is hideous... It leaks oil like you wouldn't believe. But surprisingly doesn't burn any. I plan to paint the seat, hood, grille and maybe dash white. The gray is OK for now.
Haven't heard of them, that's a great price. Thanks.

I'm the same way. I hadn't thought about how ugly it is until now and i've had it for months. An ugly worker is better than a pretty paper weight.
Tested them in the dirt yesterday, they did great. Way more traction than the Hi-Run's and almost no wheel spin. I highly recommend them.

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Location is correct. We MIGHT get a few nights of freezing each winter. I am only using the home made 50 pound concrete weights but plan to fill with water.

I suffered that for a long time too, now I don't! :sidelaugh
Miller tire. They're a site sponsor.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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