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New tires, Firestone 23 degree

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I'm impressed. My first set of AG's were TSC Hi-Run's and they've always had good traction, but these are on another level. They're the same size, 23 x 10.5 but the Firestone is a bit taller.

It has rained nearly every day this week, perfect time to test out new tires. I loaded the Custom in the trailer for weight.

Was doing fine til I stopped to take a picture...

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It will get tri-ribs eventually too.
I'm not too sure if you're aware of Greater Cleveland Tire, but I've bought two sets of F-2 tri ribs from them. The first pair in 2010, and another pair this past week. Thus far, they've not gone up in price, and their shipping remains reasonable considering how much dispatching goods has gone up over the past six years.

*Note, the price is for two tires!

I didn't realize how ugly the SS14 is until looking at the pictures. That orange is hideous...
As with everything, I'm guilty of ignoring the face and looking at the frame, so I didn't even notice how bad your tractor looked. I simply admired the frame and such without even lookin' at the grille since both eyes matched... I thought it was a rather handsome puller until you pointed out the ill-favored paint...

Thanks for the post and generous sized photos!

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If your location's correct, I see that freezing isn't an issue like way up north, so did you fill the tires with water, or are you just using, what appears to be, homemade ready mix concrete weights formed in a five gallon bucket?

You Guys make me jealous the way you get to work your tractors. Wife would kill me if I did that to the lawn.:ROF
I bet you get to play in exponentially more snow than Floridians... I guess it's all relative because while the dirt's a lot of fun, I'd rather play in the snow! I personally feel that 60 - 80 (1.5m - 2m) of annual snowfall's perfect with daytime highs of 15°F (-9°C) are perfect!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

P/S Since seeing the 23° Firestone thread, bolillo now suffers from tire and Canadian winter envy...
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