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In an effort to streamline some of the main forums, the MTF mods/admins have been moving some of the Stickies into a sub-forum of their parent section. In the Walkbehind section there is a subforum underneath this section. Here is a link to it to save you the trouble of backing out and re-entering:

Now, I have left several stickies that get a lot of traffic. Ebay/CL, For Sale, Pictures, LBAD, and the announcement for MLMF (which will be taken down in the near future).

This forum wasn't as loaded with stickies as some. A few sections (such as the John Deere Compact Utility) had so many stickies that nearly the entire first page was stuck. To see the active threads you nearly had to go to the second page. Hopefully, this will make your navigation of the main section just a bit easier.
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